Courses & Workshops

Watch this space! New courses coming soon.


The Free Brighton Choir

The Free Brighton Choir is a volunteer-led singing group, held at the Brighton Youth Centre every Thursday at 8pm. It is completely free to attend.

We’re always looking for new recruits to our very jolly group of singers. We won’t make you audition, there are no age or ability restrictions, and – most importantly – you don’t have to pay. We won’t even make you perform if you don’t want to.

All we ask is that you come along once a week, EVERY week, and have a smashing time! 

Join the Free Brighton Choir Facebook group for all the latest news. 


Coming to a school near you…?

Would you like Brighton SongLab to come to your school?

We are planning a workshop designed to get children to write a song as a group over the course of a morning, afternoon or day.

We’ll integrate whatever topics they’ve been learning about into the songwriting process, while proving that every child is musical and that self-expression through song is a powerful thing!

We know that money for arts in schools is tight at the moment and promise to accommodate any budget. Music education is too important to put profit first.

Interested in being the first? Get in touch.

Been and Gone… (AKA: The Archive)

Songwriting in a nutshell

Absolute Beginners is a practical group course designed to guide you through all the secrets to great songwriting. Each week we'll tackle a new element of or approach to songwriting and together, over the eight weeks, we'll build a song using the techniques we've learnt. 

This course is for EVERYONE, irrespective of age or musical ability. If you have an instrument, please bring it - but even if you've never played music before in your life, you're still welcome to come! We're going to start at the very beginning.

If you book the whole course here in advance, you'll receive a 5% discount. (Otherwise each lesson is £20 a head, payable in cash on the door - including week eight’s performance class.) 

There will be a taster lesson at Moe's @ The Circus on 7th June (7pm-9pm), if you prefer to try before you buy! To find out more or book your place at the taster class in advance, click HERE.

Each class takes place on a Friday, 7-9pm.  The dates are as follows: 

  • TASTER CLASS (recommended): Friday 7th June 2019

  1. Friday 14th June 2019

  2. Friday 21st June 2019

  3. Friday 28th June 2019

  4. Friday 5th July 2019

  5. Friday 12th July 2919

  6. Friday 19th July 2019

  7. Friday 26th July 2019

  8. Friday 2nd August 2019: PERFORMANCE

About the venue: 

Moe's @ The Circus is a coffeehouse situated opposite the Duke of York Picturehouse cinema on London Road.  They have plenty of experience in hosting evening classes, courses and events and provide a warm, welcoming, laid-back environment to learn in. 

Also they have an alcohol license, which students over the age of 18 are more than welcome to take full advantage of! They continue to serve food into the evening.